Using our deep knowledge of Nigerian and International tax laws, guidelines and practices, we assist our clients to comply with the provisions of these laws while optimizing their tax positions at the same time.

Our value-added services in this area includes:

We provide tax compliance management support for our clients, from ideation and structuring, to commencement of business, as well as in the post commencement phase. Our relationship with the tax authorities give us an edge in resolving tax disputes timely and efficiently.

Our corporate tax management services include:

  • Registration of Business for Federal Taxes
  • Income Tax Accounting
  • Computation and Filing of Income Tax
  • Corporate Tax Clearance Processing
  • Tax Health Check and Diagnostic Review
  • Federal Tax Audit Management

Whether it’s a buy or sell transaction, we assist our clients to ascertain existing and potential tax exposures in deal arrangements.

Our regulatory service team assist clients in obtaining regulatory approvals such as Pioneer certificates from Nigeria Investments Promotion Commission (NIPC), approvals from National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP), No-Objection letter from the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), advanced ruling, among others.

Quality, timeliness and efficiency is our focus on these engagements

We assist clients to identify tax risks associated with proposed transaction and legal structures.

We suggest amendments and recommend options that will achieve our clients’ tax goals.

We know that no one is obliged to pay more tax than he is legally obliged to do. Thus, with our deep understanding of Nigerian tax laws and practice, together with its interplay with Double Tax Treaties and other jurisdictions’ tax laws, we help our clients arrange their financial affairs in order to minimize their tax exposure on a continuous basis.

Be it a new business or an existing one, our advice minimizes your tax exposure and takes maximum advantage of government fiscal reliefs.

We deploy our knowledge of international tax, transfer pricing guidelines and regulations, Nigerian tax laws, double tax treaties, judicial precedence, tax authorities’ practices and other relevant technical instruments in advising our clients on tax implications of inbound and outbound transactions and investments including the tax implications of related party transactions while at the same time minimizing their tax exposure.

We assist our clients in complying with the provisions of the Personal Income tax Act (PITA) as well as optimizing the tax positions of employers and employees alike through the provision of the following services:

  • Registration of Business for State Taxes
  • Employees Tax Clearance Processing
  • Employer’s Annual Returns Filing
  • Monthly PAYE Compliance Management
  • Payroll Management (Salaries+PAYE+Other Statutory Deductions)
  • Statutory Deductions Management (PAYE+Pension + Industrial Training Fund Levy +Employees Compensation Levy)
  • Employees Compensation Structuring
  • Executive Compensation Structuring
  • Immigration Services
  • Expatriate Tax Management Services
  • State Tax Audit Management
  • Tax Health Check and Diagnostic Review
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Personal Tax Planning

We provide support for family owned businesses in the areas of succession planning, restructuring and expansion.

Our other services include:

  • Trust, Estate and Succession Planning
  • Family Tax Planning